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Apr. 16th, 2008

Gailardia Galan Gardios.

What happened to that big speech you made about helping us by staying alive, huh? You better be all right or I promise I'll hug you for three hours.

Vivio, Miss Megumi, I'm okay, don't worry.

edit: Luke fon Fabre, that goes for you too.
Third class?

This is so not fair. Just because I'm not a noble like the rest of you guys... And I bet you all get nice cabins up there with buffets filled with noble food and rich handsome men all around and argh.

[ooc: Guy... I think we're going to be needing your maritime rescue training.]
Curses like that need to last longer. Or maybe permanently. It'd be nice if we could pick the ones we wanted to keep.

We should do that again sometime, Natalia. ♥

*sigh* Some of these clothes don't fit now.... but at least I'll have cute things to wear next time.~

Luke, you didn't get hit, did you? ♥ I didn't see you.

...My life is really getting boring if all I can write about are the curses.
C'mon, City, it'd be nice if you let me stay like this for more than a day at a time.~
Hey, Luke!

You were wondering why Guy was talking about breasts in his last entry, right?

This is what he meant~

Not cut IC, but slightly brainbreakingCollapse )

It pays to have a camera on curse days~♥
You're really not making it easy to believe you're not a pervert, Guy. First you're handcuffed to me, now Natalia?

And what the heck is this, anyway? Please tell me it's just a curse that'll disappear tomorrow. I've really had enough of them this week.

[ooc: Cursed with Memory Theater without knowing it; the memories are filled with major spoilers and emo]

Memory 1Collapse )

Memory 2Collapse )

[accidental voice post]

[the rustle of bedsheets and a sleepy inaudible mumble

followed by a piercing shriek.]


[ooc: day two: handcuffed to Guy. This will be interesting.]
Now this is a curse I can live with, City. ♥

[ooc: say hello to an age-reversed Anise~ She's 20 and therefore legal by Abyss standards. :)]


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